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12 monkeys and other disturbances was a photographic installation at the Helsinki Music Centre on occasion of the Sibafest Festival 27th January - 4th February 2012.

I photographed, edited and printed pictures of at least 12 monkeys, more than 150 fishes, over 100 medusae and some other marine mammals and waterplants. The pictures were printed on hand-made acrylic film and attached on glass surfaces at the Music Centre. It all took me six months to complete.

The work is actually divided horizontally to two parts: one that is situated below the ground in the building, and one that is above. It is a thought experiment, which transforms the space temporarily.

The monkeys are seen in the upper part of the work. This part is a reference to more than one movies where animals take over the city. These monkeys are more thoughtful than wild, and they seem to ponder whether they could feel like home here.

The lower part of the work comments on the architecture. Large glass-surfaces are popular in contemporary architecture, and at least in public building there are vurtually no walls where you could put paintings. People sometimes refer to this kind of houses as “aquariums”. The space looks a lot like a pool of water, so I thought it convenient to put marine animals there. Tis way the space is turned into an aquarium - if only in imagination.

The work also resonates with the theme of the Sibafest classical music festival: it is about taking care of and setting them free.

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