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Video installation Encounter (2012) includes the viewer as a part of the image.

My starting point has been my relationship with the surrounding world. I long for connection and understanding even if I am not always reaching that. You can try to grasp for it, but it might result instead as a photograph or just a graze.

In this work people of different ages and backgrounds meet a marine mammal. For a moment they are as if they were close to each other, almost in an encounter, but still all in their own realities.

The sound in the work is very physical, vibrating in low frequencies. I have generated it from two sinewaves. The other frequency is 8 hz, which is about the natural vibration frequency of the earth and the other one is 19 hz, which is just below the hearing limits of humans.

Infrasounds have been found in spaces where people have experienced paranormal activity. Many animals also communicate with infrasound.

I have recorded the video in New York Aquarium.






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